Ballroom Dancing Tips: Stay Connected to your own Body in all Dancing

Stay Connected to your own Body in all Dancing

Lastly, stay connected within your own body. Make sure your whole body is telling the same story. It is easy to let your arms flail around, completely disconnected from your body. Arm styling does not look very good if it does not seem to be matching your body—feel as though you are using your body to start each arm movement. If your arm is reaching to the side, your body should be, too. Do not let your arms go behind your body, because this creates a broken line.

Posture is an important part of this. Keep your shoulders back and your upper body stretching upward. Do not let the sides of your body, from your ribcage to your hips, collapse when you make body shapes; rather, keep both sides straight and stretch one side more than the other. Every line in your body should flow smoothly to the next.

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Ballroom Dancing Tips: Get Connected Cont…

Connection to your Partner in Partner Dancing

First and foremost, you must remain connected to your partner. Without this teamwork, you are not moving in harmony—why even dance with a partner? You must be constantly aware of where your partner is, what they are doing and how what you are doing relates to them. Even if you are not looking at them, your body is always trying to face them. In Latin dancing and swing dancing, you have many opportunities to look directly at your partner, which helps you to connect on a lead and follow level, but also on an emotional level.

In partner dancing, you communicate through your dance frame and through any other body contact you have. Keeping your center turned toward your partner wherever possible and maintaining a solid frame by keeping tone in your muscles not flexing them, stiffening your arms or trying to crush your partner will keep you connected to your partner for better leading, following and harmony.

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Following in Smooth Dances Cont…

The only exception is when your partner is about to collide with another couple while moving backward. Warn him with a tap on the shoulder, or even pull him to a halt. He’ll thank you.

Be forgiving. Your partner has a lot to think about. He has to plan the next step, lead you into it, and at the same time navigate on an often crowded dance floor. If he is like me, doing more than one thing at a time is a challenge.

DONT ASSUME you know every move the leader will make from the moment he takes your hand.

I have danced with women who seem to be on automatic pilot. They dance through patterns they’re familiar with despite my best efforts to get them to do otherwise.

Even the best leaders will find it impossible to control a woman who is hell bent on doing 5 spins when the actual lead calls for a slow half turn.

Ladies, please start each dance with a blank slate that is waiting to be written upon by the leader. Assume nothing.

Rene’s comments: In my mind I compare leading some women very few fortunately to trying to reign in a bucking horse. You never now where they’re going to go next. It takes all the leaders effort to stay in the saddle. I’m a small guy and getting on in years and that kind of effort takes a lot out of me. Ladies, please have pity!

But I have also discovered that most ladies are unaware of the fact that they are leading. What they are really doing is pre-empting their partner from making choices. They are always a little ahead of their partner. At the time their partner tries to apply a lead, their weight has already transferred to the next foot, leaving him no choice to step in the same direction. Nervousness or tenseness seem to be the major reasons for this. My suggestion for you ladies: try to relax and enjoy, be patient and wait for your partners move.

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Happy Dancing!

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